Sunday, June 20, 2010

Social Sunday #1 and an Etsy update

Hi everyone,
Welcome one and all to our first-ever Social Sunday! Each week I will be asking you all a question relating to your piggies, and I would love you all to participate by answering in the comments section at the bottom of each post. Even if you do not have a Blogger ID, you can comment using your Livejournal, AIM, etc. The purpose of this exercise is so that we all get to know each other['s pigs] a little better :)
Our first Social Sunday question is this: What are your pigs' names and what is one ridiculous/silly pet name you have for them?

My answer: My pigs are Sophie-Mo, Olive, Natasha, Milo, Winston, Laika and Ferdinand. Two of my silliest pet names for them are 'Tasha 'Tocks--because Natasha is a bit heavier than the rest of my pigs, so I call her by her huge butt--and sometimes I sing Winston's name: Winnie The Guinea-Pig!

Etsy update: 15% of my Etsy proceeds will be going to the Oswego County Guinea Pig Rescue indefinitely, to help Jennifer free up some space for her rescue cavies. The money will go towards a bigger cage, or cages, for her sanctuary piggies. Most of her permanent resident pigs are singles and she would like to house them together, so I and my Etsy shoppers are going to help her with that. I will post monthly at my shop how much we have donated. If you have yet to check out my Etsy shop, I encourage you to do so now! :) New stuff that's on the way includes bunk-bed hammocks and custom-sized cage/crate pads/liners for C&Cs, Ferret Nations and Midwest dog crates.


  1. My guinea pigs are Maggie and Sophia, and I foster a sow named Jasmine. I call Maggie Mag-pigger sometimes and Sophia is also called Sophster. :) How embarrassing. Jasmine I call Jasmina.

    Fun idea! ;)

  2. My piggies names are: Riley (I call her Rilers), Peyton, Miley, Lexi, Jazzy, Jemma, Bella (Bells), Baily, Brenna, Kaycee, Jolee, Hannah, Zoey, Carly. I adopted Miley, Lexi, Bella, Bailey, and Brenna from Jen so I am so happy you will be helping her! I will have to take a look at your etsy shop!

  3. Let's see there's Lucy (Lucy-Loo), Petal (Peanut), Andy (Andy Pants), and Howie (Munchkin).

  4. Thanks to those of you who commented! Cfoster1966, I call my bunny Bella "Bells" too. :)