Contact Information, etc.

If you need to comment me for whatever reason, you can email SilverBeatShop [!at] yahoo [dot] com (spelled out for spam protection). I can't promise that I will answer within the same day, because I'm a pretty busy lady but I will do my best to answer your email within a few days, and be as helpful as possible. PLEASE do not email me in the event of an emergency. If you have an emergency related to your cavies, your cavy-savvy vet is the FIRST person you should turn to. I am not an expert. I am not a vet. 
If for whatever reason, you can't contact your vet, Guinea Lynx is an extremely helpful website and has guided me through many an episode with my herd I am not yet a member of their forum but you can search through the forum (if you're not a member) or make a post.. Failing THAT, try the GPC forum and/or CavySpirit.

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If you would like to feature me on your blog, please contact me about it. I will always be 100% okay with being featured or mentioned, I would just like to know about it. (BlogHoppers, this does not apply to you, obviously)