Thursday, August 19, 2010

Milo and Winnie are back together!

And better than ever! After another buddy bath and an exhaustingly clean and odor-free cage, my two boys have decided that they can live together without tearing each other apart.

More posts to follow, as I was informed yesterday that I'm not working this week. For now, I don't have a problem with it. I can get my home life back in order.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Cute Story for You All

Hi everyone!
Right now is a busy time for me-- I am working two jobs [finishing out my last two weeks at my old job and starting my new one] and sales in my etsy shop are picking up, which I'm very happy about. I'll soon be listing a lot more products, including C&C cage-sized Patchwork Piggy Pads, pre-made hammocks and snuggle bags, and soon, some solid-colored Piggy Pads, which will be less costly because there is much less time involved in making them.
Even though this blog is about guinea pigs, I'm sure most or all of us here are animal lovers, and I wanted to share a cute [and true] story with you.
Lately I have taken to eating supper on the front porch of the yellow house. Last night was no different. Just as I was sitting down to dinner, I heard the jingling of ID tags on a collar. I shot up out of my chair and looked out the side window. A black lab was in our driveway, sniffing at my tomatoes. I threw on my shoes and went out to grab him. "Hey dog. Come on, let's take you home." He trotted right over to me. And then I recognized him. A little more than a month ago I saw him hanging out on the porch of the vacant house across the street, his name is Bo. He lives a couple of blocks away.
I led him across the busy main road and up the hill to his home. He is very street-wise, and stopped immediately at the corner until it was safe to cross. On our way to his house, we passed a garbage can he had terrorized. When his owner opened the door she recognized me and asked me inside so I stepped in. It turns out she wants me to babysit her two school-age girls! We didn't talk extensively but she seemed to want me to babysit several days a week. She is a single working mom.
That dog got me a babysitting job. I could have just hugged him right there but he was busy stealing a roast beef sandwich off the table.

New posts soon to come this month:
How Do You Do It: Veggies part II
How Do You Do It: Organization
Tiny Tips: Emergency kits

I would also like to say welcome to all new followers! I hope y'all like my blog :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Social Sunday no. 5

Hey y'all. I hope you've had a wonderful week. I am in a bit of a rush so this month's Social Sunday is gonna be pretty quick and dirty.

For those of you with C&C Cages... How long have you had a C&C cage setup and how many times have you rearranged the cage? [added a loft, made it bigger/smaller, changed the shape, etc]

My Answer: I have had C&C cages for as long as I've had cavies, and for my bunnies as well [four years now]. I have changed my pigs' setup more times than I'd care to think about... but here is me thinking out loud:
1st cage: 2x5 L-shaped cage for Sophie-Mo + Olive,
-->added a loft soon after building
2nd cage: 16.9 sq foot odd-shaped windowseat cage for Mo and Livvy, which they later moved back to with Tasha, Milo, and eventually the babies [and not Milo]
3rd cage: 2x8 divided into three sections: one housing Livvy and Laika, one with Milo and Winston, and one with Tasha, Mo and Ferdie.
4th cage: 2x6 for the girls, 2x3 for the boys
---> added a 1x6 loft to the girls a while after building
5th cage: 2x9 for the girls, my first floor cage
---> added a 2x3 flip-up loft, attached to a 1x4 windowseat loft recently.

There is a more detailed post about my cages coming soon.

***For those of you without... what cage setup do you have?