What is this?

The "Bio" Section didn't really give me much to work with, so here we are.

What is the purpose of this blog?
This blog is not meant to be a care guide. Any and all suggestions made on this blog should be taken with a grain of salt. Everyone in the guinea pig world doesn't agree on everything, but most of us DO want to do what's best for our pigs. This blog is intended to...
-help people save money on cavy care
-provide clear and concise advice on cleaning, feeding, etc. [as opposed to leafing through pages and pages of forum posts]

-provide a more relaxed place to talk about cavy care. Unlike some of the bigger websites and forums out there, I don't have thousands of people to police. I welcome differing opinions and new ideas.

                                                               Who runs it?
Behind this keyboard sits a young lady named Amy. Amy runs this blog, along with her Etsy shop, all on her lonesome. Amy has two jobs currently, at an After-School Program and as a baker for Bruegger's Bagels, and she is a volunteer at her local SPCA, in charge of each and every cavy that comes through the door. Amy is passionate about everything that she does, otherwise why would she do it?
As she has made clear, Amy is not, by any means, a cavy expert. She has had guinea pigs since 2008, and though she does have a lot of experiences crammed into those two years [with pregnancies, upper respiratory infections, surgeries, external parasites, eye issues, impactions and more...] she only has a vague understanding of veterinary medicine and tries to stay away from medical issues on this blog as they can be very serious with only the faintest of symptoms.
Amy has put a lot of work into this blog, and she asks that no information be shared or copied from this blog without permission from the lady herself. [See the Contact Info page, please]

Who are the pigs? 
The current count is 8. We are not a rescue, and not a hoarding situation. All of the guinea pigs here are very well cared for, and when they are welcomed into our home, they are promised that they can stay with us for the rest of their lives.
In order of appearance, we have...
Sophie-Mo and Olive, who were adopted in spring of 2008 at a Humane Society shelter during a Bunderground operation.
Natasha and Milo (formerly Maybel), adopted as wee ones as part of an accidental litter.
Winston, Ferdinand [Ferdie], and Laika, who were part of an accidental litter we had here! [Afterwards, Maybel had her name changed to Milo]
Rocky, who was recently adopted from the SPCA where Amy volunteers. He is likely fairly old and prone to terrible, chronic impactions.

Winston and Milo do not live with the rest of us, they are members of Amy's mother's in-home daycare. They are often referred to as "the satellite pigs," as they are technically still under Amy's care.

In this family there are also two bunnies, Abbey [aka Abbey Kadabbey] and Bella [aka BellaMonster]; and three angel bunnies, Blizzard ('06), Benner ('08) and Newman ('10).
You can view my bunny blog at http://bellamonsterslair.blogspot.com