Friday, January 27, 2012

Hi folks,
I haven't been writing about pigs because, well, I haven't had pigs to write about. Livvy, Tasha and Rocky went to Oswego County Guinea Pig Rescue to find new homes this summer, and I have since been pigless.

I am going to leave this blog intact so that those of you who use it for reference may continue to do so :) and I may make an occasional post here or there if something comes to mind.

Also my etsy shop kind of dropped out of existence in the same manner as the blog, mostly because when I moved I didn't really have the means anymore to keep it going, and my priorities changed. I am considering getting it up and running again [I have a TON of leftover fabric] but I wouldn't be able to do custom things, just pre-mades. I will still donate to OCGPR a percentage of the proceeds.

If you guys have any questions or suggestions my ears are open!

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