Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ready for another one?

Hey everyone,
Oh my goodness, it's been a week! This one got away from me; I was planning to do a new Tiny Tips post about cleaning but never finished it! It should be ready by Tuesday or at the very latest Thursday, so y'all have that to look forward to :)
Things are crazy as always here at the yellow house. I was just informed yesterday that the lease I plan to sign next month has been changed from a 12-month lease to a 6+ month lease. My landlady wants to sell the house, and Scott and I sure aren't buying it.

Such is life. I am still working on the guinea pigs' room, and I'm honestly glad I found this out before I finished it; now there won't be so much to do if we're just gonna move out in six months or so. This news is a disappointment, but also presents some exciting new opportunities for me as a future farmer.. it means I can look for a new house closer to the country.
I hope you've enjoyed a peek into my personal life. Now onto our Social Sunday question. This week I would like to know...
Your story. How/why did you get your guinea pigs? Were they a pet store "rescue"? Adopted from a friend? Snatched up as they quivered before the dripping jaws of fate on a cold and dreary November night?! Tell us!

Most of you already know my stories so I'll be brief.
Olive and Sophie: adopted whilst transporting a fiesty lionhead from shelter to sanctuary
Natasha and Maybel, aka Milo: adopted when a babysitee of mine had a second accidental litter
Winstonn, Ferdie and Laika: Brought to you by the terror that is Milo Two-Face aka Maybel the Mountain Pig. His intro is coming soon.

You all are welcome to be as detailed as your heart desires.


  1. Riley & Peyton: bought at a pet store. I went to Pet Depot to pick out a hamster and saw the guinea pigs. Riley and Peyton were barely 3 weeks old so I bought them and all the stuff I needed. It wasn't until I got home that I learned about C&C cages, hay, pellets, rescues, etc.

    Miley..I wanted to adopt a piggie so I contacted Jen from OCGPR and she let me adopt Miley.

    Lexi: She was pregnant when I went to pick up Miley so I told Jen I wanted her when she was available and Jen agreed.

    Jazzy & Jemma: Saw an ad in The pennysaver. They were full grown, had a bad case of mites, were living together in a 4 sq foot cage. I had to take them.

    Bella, Bailey, Brenna: These had been adopted by a foster home that Jen had sent them to. However, the adoptive family was having issues so they were returned to Jen and I made the trek to Pennellville for the third time.

    Kaycee: She is 3 years old and was being given away on Craigslist. By this time I had rules that they had to be free and they had to be brought to me. The owner agreed to both. She was in a small cage with cedar shavings but, overall, was pretty well taken care of.

    Jolee: Another CL rescue. Full grown but you could feel her ribs. She had been living in a small aquarium with cedar shavings.

    Hannah, Zoey, Carly: Left on my porch. Yup, just left there. Hannah is probably 2-3 months old and a silkie. The other two are baby abbys who still have their umbilical cords! I didn't want long haired piggies but Hannah is adorable so I kept her and the other two are so bonded to her that I had to keep them as well. Thank goodness they were all girls!

  2. Well...this is a non-glamorous, non-rescue-friendly story behind my two pigs. If I would've known the issues surrounding pet stores, I wouldn't have bought my two pigs from there. Thankfully, they were both girls and both healthy--Maggie and Sophia. I love them to death, but I wish I could turn back time to have adopted instead of supporting pet stores. I make up for it by never purchasing anything there. All online.

    I now know why I shouldn't have bought instead of adopted, and I can sincerely say that I will never, ever be purchasing again. I constantly work to make sure others don't make my same mistake, and I volunteer at a small animal rescue and foster a guinea pig, and possibly another one soon.

    So that's my story. Nothing exciting, nothing remotely rescue-friendly, either, I am sad to say.

  3. Wow cfoster! Quite the herd you have there. Interesting stories all around.

    And Cassandra, don't despair! You're doing wonderful things for homeless piggies now, and you love your girls very much, I know. :)