Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yummy New Fabrics

I went to Jo-Ann's last night after picking up my CSA goodies, and bought sooo much fabric. Mostly flannel prints, as I really need more selection in my shop. I bought a lucky 13 flannel prints, and I believe I got 5 new polar fleece prints. I do plan to go back, but I only had so much cash on hand. You can see my selection of flannels here. I was so excited... It's been a long time since I spent more than $40 in one place that wasn't the farmer's market or the grocery store. Special thanks to Chris, the nice cutting girl who was patient with me and talked to me about her guinea pig while her co-workers looked on in horror at the mountain of fabric on the cutting table.

More things to be happy about... I have secured two jobs, and neither one is going anywhere anytime soon. Eeeee I'm so happy! This dreary rainy gray day can suck it!


  1. wow have to love nice fabric & looks like you got some great colours. i LOVE new supplies or new to me supplies just stir up the creative juices.

    congrats on the new jobs that's awesome!

  2. Oh my gosh, I absolutely LOVE all the fabrics you got! Jealousy! Ugh! SO jealous.