Sunday, September 12, 2010

Social Sunday No. 6

Hey folks. I hope your month's been good.
Quick little updates....
+ I have installed a "how to navigate this blog" page at the top left column... you should all check it out.
+ My etsy shop now has a mailing list. I will be using it to notify folks about sales, new products being launched, etc. I'm only going to be sending out probably 1-2 [no more than 3, ever] emails per month. You can join by emailing silverbeatshop [at] yahoo [dot] com
+ Due to more insanity than I've dealt with in a while, I'm jobless. Again. It's making me really moody.
+ The other night I accidentally deleted 25 comments. My apologies.

Now, onto the creamy nougat-y center.

What's one change you've made recently that you're super proud of?

My Answer: I cleaned out the garage and it makes for a really great storage space. I've got all of my old kennels and cages in there, plus 4 bales of hay, extra towels, my vermicompost bins... soon to add more!

WELCOME NEW FOLLOWERS, Please do join the fun!


  1. Just wondering how to you get etsy mailing list?

  2. thefinaltouch- All I did was set up a specific [separate from my normal] email address, and everyone who emails me to be added, gets added to my contact list. When I want to send out a promo I just send it to all of my contacts.

  3. guinea pigs. I want a guinea pig.

  4. The biggest change I've made recently is moving in with my boyfriend, we've been long distance for the past 6.5 years.
    Also, I'm working very hard on some new things for my blog and etsy store!

    Have you checked out mailchimp for newsletters? I've been told it's what most people use and easier than just emailing people.
    Good luck with it

  5. Hali- Guinea pigs make great pets! Check petfinder and craigslist for adoptable swine near you! and have some great care info.

    Kendra- Thanks for the suggestion, and congrats on the move-in! I really like your blog :)

  6. I just lowered the prices of all my shop items because they were out of line for current market conditions.

  7. I haven't made any big changes lately as I tend to avoid doing that if I can!!!!

  8. Change I've made recently that I'm super proud of?? umm.... I don't think I've changed anything. Maybe I should. ♥

  9. The change I'm most proud of is that I've started playing basketball again and making an effort to lose a little bit of weight.

    I need to do some cleaning too!