Saturday, October 23, 2010

Contest Winners!

The contest is over and I've chosen the winner and runner-up. I would like to thank everyone who entered, I got some really adorable photos and I have uploaded all of them to my Flickr account to be enjoyed by all. See them here.
If you submitted more than two photos, I chose from the first two that you sent me, since the rule was only two per person. The way I chose these was by having my roommate open al of the files so I didn't know who sent what. These photos were chosen based solely on their snuggle/cute-factor.
Now, on to the fun.

Congratulations to Emmy and Heather!

Emmy is our winner, with her photo of Pippin, seen here.

And Heather is our runner-up, with her photo of "baby rats," seen here.

Like I said I got a lot of really great photos, and it was tough to choose from all of them. So I have also chosen the top 5 photos [besides Emmy and Heather's, of course,] and I would like to offer the takers of these photos 10% off their entire next purchase at my shop. This does exclude shipping but there is no time limit, and I do ship all over the world.

How does this all work? For our winner and runner up, simply choose "other" when you get to checkout. If you purchase more than your $25 or $15 worth of stuff [remember, shipping included], I will invoice you via paypal for the remaining balance.
If you're in the Top 5, you can Convo me in Etsy and tell me what you'd like to order, I'll make a custom listing for you with the 10% taken off. Be sure to mention that you were in the Top 5 for this photo contest!

What about the sale? I did mention that I was planning a sale shortly after this. Unfortunately though I am too darn busy with my two jobs do stock up for it right now. But I do have something planned, don't you worry.

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  1. Wow, I just found three great pictures for the contest. And look! It's over!

    (Sometimes I just want to bang my head on the wall.)