Sunday, July 4, 2010

photo-less Social Sunday

It's still Sunday for a few more hours...

So here's our third Social Sunday question:
What is one unique/remarkable/just plain silly thing that your guinea pig[s] does/do? This can be a trick you have taught them, a habit they've formed, or just something about their personality.

My Answer: The babies [Winnie, Laika and Ferdie] have always been more agile than their older cagemates. Winnie loves to jump up onto his hidey and lounge the day away, or perch and watch the world go by. And Laika and Ferdie, when they do zoomies or popcorn, they will include their hammock into their "laps;" they jump into it and right back out of it without missing a beat while running their laps. It is one of the funnier things I've seen in my years.

Happy Independence Day to those who celebrate it. :)


  1. Maggie spends seriously her whole day in her hidey. She'll get up for a snack every once in a while, but she never ever does zoomies or popcorning. Unfortunately. I guess you could say this behavior is remarkable. (?) ;)

    My foster pig, Jasmine, always screams when I pick her up. She came to me because she needed a lot of extra handling, and it's obvious. But still, I find it amazing that still months later she hates being picked up. A silly thing she does is that she will only sleep in particular hideys--she'll sleep in a little piggy bed, but not a hut or pigloo.

    My other pig, Sophia, doesn't really do much that is very unique or remarkable or silly. She usually walks around her cage and tries to antagonize her cagemate Maggie--and succeeds most of the time.

  2. I have a few piggies that are comical.
    Kaycee.. loves to lie on the lounge beds and she loves to hang her head off of them. she will be sound asleep with her head hanging off the bed. It's hysterical.
    Brenna...she feels a need to zoom and zip back and forth through the cage all day long. I call her my ADD pig.
    Jolee, Kaycee, Lexi, Bella, Bailey, Brenna and Riley will all come to the kitchen area after the cage is changed to be hand fed pellets. I change the pellets when the cage is cleaned and they are always empty. Kaycce and Jolee will stand on their hind feet to beg but the others just rush over to my hand and take the pellets gently from my hand. It is so cool.
    Carly...she needs to stand on her hidey to beg for food.