Thursday, May 6, 2010

hang in there!

Hey folks,
This is a quick little update because I don't have time to put together the next installment of my episode-style posts. Here is what's going on in this small yellow house:
Sophie-Mo was rushed to the vet yesterday and treated for a Urinary Tract Infection. She has been increasingly lethargic and is not keeping weight on as well as the rest of my herd. We have determined also that she has either a build-up of scar tissue/irritated tissue from her spay, or an infection on/around her uterus stump. The pain from this was probably influencing how much she felt like moving.
In two weeks' time, when she is off the Baytril, we will be going back for a follow-up exam, and if she is still as lethargic as she was before the round of Baytril, we will be treating her for heart disease, which she is showing vague but early symptoms of.
I will soon be making updates to two of my past posts: Cutting Back: hay and How Do You Do It?!: veggies. When I make these changes they'll be noted in a new post.
Since we moved here I have dreamt of turning the guinea pigs' room into a free-range space. I have been to the home depot and my mother's cellar [where all of my scrap wood is], and it looks like I'll be able to fulfill that dream within the next couple of months.
I will be returning to Etsy this month! More on that story as it develops..

I want to hear from you guys! Even those of you without a blogspot account, you can comment under an Anonymous id--no registration required. Please let me know what of the following you'd like to see more of:

1.] Money-saving tips [Cutting Back]
2.] Care/Organization tips for herds large and small [How Do You Do It?!]
3.] Sneak Peeks/special offers on my etsy products for cavies and small animals
4.] Updates on home life in the yellow house [like this post]
5.] Share your ideas! Photo contests, Q&A posts, I'm open to anything! Please let me know what you'd like to see more of on this still-young blog.


  1. Hi! I would love to see more of the money-saving tips as well as the "How Do You Do It?" posts. I like hearing about your pigs, too. Maybe you could host a photo contest where the winner gets a prize from your etsy shop! That would be awesome.

    Hope Sophie-Mo feels better soon! :}

  2. Thank you, Cassandra. There will be more of everything, and I really like the idea of doing a pig photo contest and having the prize be a goodie from my shop or a gift certificate to my shop of a certain $ amount.

  3. Or somehow we could incorporate the idea of donating money to a GP shelter. Any ideas for that?